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It’s so insane that I am talking about this. But it’s almost time for a lot of you to go back to college. Not me. Because I’m not cool anymore. But I live to serve you so I wanted to give you all my tips and tricks of living with roommates and going back to college.

Some of you are going to college for the first time, moving into the sorority house, or moving into a house or apartment with roommates. In college, I moved every year – which is very common but also such a pain in the bootayy. When you’re doing all these things for the first time, and moving every year,  it can be a heavy lift (literally and financially). Everyone shops at Walmart in Oxford since they have the best prices and a wide range of products so you could get your storage containers, shelving unit, toaster oven, and laundry detergent in one trip – not to mention school supplies!. Notice I said everyone shopped at Walmart. Which is great but it also means the lines are crazy and the selection diminishes after the first few days into the move-in season. *Enter online shopping.

Try shopping online and getting free 2-day shipping for purchases over $35. Or get all your roomies together, get your list taken care of online,  then pick up in store the SAME day! Skip all the lines and focus on getting your room perfect.

I drafted some checklists for you people to keep yourself on track for all the different stages of college:

  • Freshman year
  • Sorority house year
  • And living in a house with some roomies


I’ve been getting a lot of questions about college recently but my favorite by far is: what would you tell your freshman-year-self. I want to answer that question but for all stages of living situations in college.

Here’s what I wish I knew when I was a freshman, in the sorority house and living with my chicks.

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Freshman Year –

What I would go back and tell myself:

Go out more. It took me a bit to adjust to being on my own and the idea of starting over with a fresh set of friends really excited me and energized me but I didn’t know where to start. I wish I knew that everyone was in the same boat and that no one was best friends yet, even though it seemed like it. I never missed home. My parents can vouch for that, they would come to Oxford after not seeing me for months and I would give them the most casual “hey” they have ever heard. So I didn’t deal with missing my parents like some people did. I was just really happy on my own and doing my own thing. I loved school and going to Rebelette practice and was so scared to make a mistake with any of that so I took myself way too seriously. Eventually I got over myself and went out more but I should’ve done it sooner. I wasn’t tight with my sorority sisters till senior year and only hung out with a very small circle of people. I should’ve been a bit more “fun” freshman year. I feel like I had my freshman year my senior year in terms of level of fun vs seriousness.

What I would tell you:

Go out more, as much as you can, and make all the friends and all the connections! And bond with the people around you. If you’re feeling homesick, the best way to get out of that funk is to get out of your room instead of wallowing. And to be clear- “going out” means a lot of different things – not just parties! Go to church, sports events, student union, try out different campus organizations – just go out of your room and meet people!

Logistical advice:

It’s really all about the basics this year. Walmart has an AMAZING checklist so I won’t even try to make one of my own. But I will highlight my favorite products below! Just click the image to shop the products.





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Sorority House –

What I would go back and tell myself:

Live at Kappa (or whatever sorority you are in). This is one of my biggest regrets from college. I didn’t want to deal with all the drama of the house and kind of got talked out of living there. I basically spent all of my junior year in the sorority house anyway so it didn’t really matter, and to be fair, I really did love having my own space with a big room away from the house.

What I would tell you:

I think if you do decide to rush and live in the house with all your sisters, my biggest advice would be to find a place of your own. Whether  that’s a friends house who doesn’t live in your sorority, a younger or older friend, or even just a place you like to run by yourself- one of my “go-to” places was the Humane Shelter. Also, don’t give into the drama. It’s going to happen and you are going to feel the need to be pulled into it all. If it doesn’t involve you then don’t involve yourself.

Logistical advice:

You likely have all the essentials that you need and now its about customizing your space with your sister. Below are my favorite products from Walmart for this super fun year in college. Feel free to click the images to shop the products.






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Living in a house with roommates –

What I would go back and tell myself:

Write everything down! Take every chance you can to hang out with your besties. Senior year was by far the best year. I finally had a good group of girls and the memories I made that year were by far my favorite. I know there’s so much that I don’t remember… (don’t ask me why). I wish I wrote it all down. All the funny stuff, bad stuff, crazy football games, things that annoyed me, things that stressed me out. A huge reason why senior year was the best was because I was living with my people. I wish I could remember all the hilarious stories and things that happened to us. So if I could change anything about that experience, it would be to write it down.

What I would tell you:

Be a good roommate. No matter what year you are living in a house with your friends, it’s important to be a good roommate and, this is the hard part, but you have to ask the same from your roomies. Texting them stuff like, hey I’m going to do the dishes could you sweep the floors at some point in the next few days. Don’t tell them what you’ve done for your shared living space compared to what they have done. Just point to the fact that you’re helping and try to nicely ask them to do the same. Another option that works is to go old school and literally have a “chore chart” so everyone knows who is supposed to be doing what that week or month. That way you aren’t ALWAYS the one taking out the trash!

Logistical advice:

You have a kitchen now!!!! And space for furniture. It’s a blessing and a curse. Make sure you and your roommates talk about what you’ll contribute and make sure the budget is even on all ends. One person gets the kitchen table, one person gets the sofa, the other person gets the lounge chairs + coffee table, etc! Here’s a fully-baked checklist from Walmart that creates a really customized shopping experience. Here’s my checklist for the kitchen, since that’s the area we would always forget random things (like a can opener..?!).





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Biggest thing about being in school – yes it can be stressful and hard – but is also so fun! Try to enjoy every minute of it! (Even the studying) You will miss it when it’s over. Adulting is way more stressful!!!!


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