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I always try to pull off an “oaky” perfume but it makes me smell like mung beans. Since everyone’s natural scent mixes with perfume, different people can pull off different perfumes. Science! I love oaky, musty, woodsy, leather scented boy candles but I can’t pull that off on my bod. So I go to the polar opposite end of the spectrum. The following perfumes are my favorite floral bouquet from France, cozy fresh cotton, rolling down a lavender field scented perfumes. They are light and delicious! And they don’t make me smell like freshly sprouted mung beans.

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Favorite Haircare

Living Proof Nourishing Cream
Living Proof Hair Spray Gracie McClure
Favorite Hair Care
Here are a few of my favorite can’t-live-without products hair products.
Living Proof Flex Hairspray– It’s perfect for everyday curls and flattening down fly-aways. It’s not crusty or heavy. I can spray it on and immediately run my fingers through my hair. Plus it smell great!
Living Proof Nourishing Cream– I use it two ways: (1) after I shower I put it all over my wet hair and let it air dry and go to bed, (2) then when I wake up the next AM with dry hair I put a little at my ends before lightly curling my hair because it protects against hot tools. WHICH BRINGS ME TO MY CURLER.
T3 Whirl Trio– Yall. This curler. I am not trying to be dramatic. But it is life changing. First of all, look at how pretty. Second, it is interchangeable. You can have a curler with a clamp one day and a wand the next day.
Moroccan Oil’s Intense Hydrating Mask is perfect for over worked hair. If you blow-dry and curl your hair regularly, try spreading this treatment from root to tip on wet clean hair and clipping back for 15-20 minutes.  I really like to do a face mask and this hair mask while I soak in the tub!
Another classic is the original Moroccan Oil. I use this the same as the LP Nourishing Cream. A little goes a long way with this serum! I love using this in the summer time when I lay out since it protects against UV rays and in the winter to make my hair less static-y.

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Favorite Skincare

Fresh Anti-aging
Fresh Black Tea Gracie McClure
Beauty Counter Mask
Favorite Skin Care Gracie McClure

Notice there is no makeup section. Thats because I love to hate it. I love playing with make up every time I get sucked into the makeup tutorial page on my discover tab in Instagram. But other that that, I would rather just have naturally flawless skin. I would also like a million dollars and a farm of golden retrievers but we can’t all have everything. Here’s a list of a few of my favorites. Maybe one of these days I’ll show y’all my nightly routine. Its not as extensive as a 10 step Korean beauty routine, but its got 5 steps and I do them religiously! Here are my 2 FAVORITE parts of my routine and the best gift to get your momma, sister, or bestie.

Odacitè Passion Fruit-Orange Concentrate – These serums are expensive and to be honest don’t last very long. But when I am out, my skin KNOWS and I am back to my normal uneven, blemished skin. Take a little of my Black Tea Overnight Mask (so moisturizing and prevents against aging) or my morning moisturizer (Micro-Blur Skin Perfector) and add a few drops. Mix the concoction in your hands and pat into skin. This Passion Fruit-Orange Concentrate is super vitamin rich and best when trying to achieve glowing skin. Odacite has a ton of great serums and have a chart that tells you what you need for what you want to achieve. For example if you struggle with acne, Black Cumin-Cajeput is the best serum for you. I also would recommend mixing serums to achieve all your skincare #goals.

Next up, my favorite mask! I do the Balancing Facial Mask from Beauty Counter once a week. Its a dream! It absorbs all of my unwanted oils. On my oily nose you can even see the pore marks when the mask dries – gross but amazing. Plus Beauty Counter has a great reputation of making safer skincare. Doing this mask at night with a bath, glass of wine and The Office playing on my laptop on the floor. That’s all I need.

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