Hotel Saint George Margaritas
Hotel Saint George Outside Sitting Area
Standing In The Streets of Marfa
Kelly Wynne Handbag at Saint George Hotel
Cheers with a margarita at Saint George Hotel

If this sounds dramatic that’s only because it is… But this was the best margarita of my lifetime. (And I obviously have a refined palate since I’m still a child and started legally drinking like two seconds ago. So you should listen up to me, probably.) I like margs that are a real butt kicker. But a polite butt kicker, you know, strong and spicy but not too mean. And this marg basically slapped me in the face. It was awesome. I will say though, this was after a long day of traveling so that could be swaying me – NO I STAND BY MY STATEMENT. THIS WAS THE BEST. If you’re wondering where to get the (probably, maybe, we’ll see) best marg, its at LaVenture which is the restaurant inside Hotel Saint George.

When people say something is the best thing they ever did, best diet they ever tried, best meal they ever made, best sleep they ever had (@PeopleTryingToSellMeMattressesOnInstagram, on another note @Casper can you send me a mattress because I’m poor and moving soon and I need a mattress)… they are all lying and have nothing to compare it to. So, I’ll call you when I have a blind taste test with this margarita. The line up for this taste test would be: Matt’s Famous El Rancho classic marg, and my very famous (more famous than Matt himself) Jalapeño marg. But that seems hard to facilitate so I’m sticking with my original story. I will say that my mom does this blind test with her orange juice to see if her preference is the cheaper brand. Update: it’s not. She balls out and has a refined palate for that Simply Orange like a gangster.

Either way. This margarita is top 3 best of my life. Again, I have lived so long so I know what I am talking about. Sorry to LaVenture for basically 100% retracting my statement but its a good headline so I’m just gonna leave it there. k bye.

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