Christmas Wish List - Red Pom Pom Hat
Christmas Wish List - Overalls
Christmas Wish List - Freepeople
Christmas Wish List - Free People
Christmas Wish List - Bell Sleeve Top

To quote Cindy Lou Who, “I am having some yuletide doubts.” I have always wanted to live a very simple life. Preferably in an airstream and be featured on Tiny Living. (But kind of a Tiny Living/Fixer Upper combo. Basically I want Chip and Joanna  to come out of retirement to redo my airstream. It’s fine.) When Christmas comes around it is hard to not get greedy, I want a pony, I want a Gucci fanny pack, etcetera! But its so hard! When your parents and aunts and uncles are always asking you want you want! My family has found a great solution to this problem. We still exchange gifts to our immediate family. But when all the cousins and aunts and uncles come together we do something called “My Favorite Things.”

Basically, each girl brings 3 things that have been their favorite product of 2017. We spend no more than $75 total. We basically pretend we’re Oprah. We go around and explain our favorite things — who doesn’t love to inform!? Then, we put all our things in the middle and play white elephant! The boys in the family do the same thing, except with fine liquor… They each take a shot of each person’s liquor and then play white elephant.  I wish I could play the boys favorite things but thats fine.

I love having meaningful gifts that I will actually use. I hate adding clutter to my life. This little gift exchange is a perfect middle ground of living in an airstream and gifting a star and wanting all the things all the time. I live between both parallels constantly. Maybe someone feels my pain on this. This “favorite things” tradition keeps us focused on the little things in life like candles, scissors that cut herbs, and of course, quality family time. *Cue the aw’s*

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