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Lets talk about these Marc Fisher espadrilles that every human with a pulse has, shall we?! (Shop below) I don’t mean to brag but I feel about these shoes the same way I feel about a cool song that you totally heard before anyone else so it’s only right that you get some sort of credit for adding culture to your friends’ lives. That’s the equivalent of these shoes for me. Even though that’s 100% false but this is my fantasy world. That’s why people have blogs, right?

You should probably hop on board and join the Marc Fisher train because his ish is fresh. And comfortable. Obviously they’re a version of the (much more expensive) Chloè espadrille sandals, which you are welcome to buy but at the same time I’m gonna have to ask you to relax. Because you could buy several Marc Fishers or even more variations of the Steve Madden kind. (Hold on, now I’m having flashbacks of The Devil Wears Prada and Miranda Priestly is telling me that my shoes trickled on down to a department store where I, no doubt, fished them out of a clearance bin.) Get outta my head Miranda. (Note: ole’ reliable, aka Stevie’s version, come apart kind of easily) LISTEN. Heres what you do. Buy one of ole’ Stevie’s version that you don’t care about and wear them to the bars for all your wild nights. And then wear the Fancy Fisher’s for when you have to pretend like you’re an adult. And then wear the Chloè’s never because no one needs that.

Anyways, (wow.) this dress and shoes are so comf and date night approved. P.S. this date night consisted of my dad and I watching a movie at El Cosmico, that counts right?

Marc Fisher Heels
New Kelly Wynne Bag in Marfa Texas

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