Another Holiday Party - Velvet Top
Another Holiday Party - Pom Pom Shoes
Another Holiday Party - Outfit

Since I am not as smart or wise as you would think (What?! Yes.) I am going to share with you my favorite tutorials for getting ready for holiday parties. And I’ll take care of the outfits, per usual.

Martha Lynn Kale is my hair stylist in Austin. I am so in love with her I think I need to dedicate a separate blog post to explain and proclaim my love for her as the truest blonde-whisperer of the South. Moving on! She owns a salon called Mirror Mirror, if you are in Austin, check them out!!

Martha Lynn has an amazing blog that highlights (PUN!) all kinds of typically asked questions in her salon. She goes through every tutorial you would need to keep your hair looking fresh well after your appointment. Here are a few of my favorites:

Holiday curl tutorial – this tutorial can be applied to your everyday curls. This is how I curl my hair for any event – since I learned from the best – or just day-to-day curls. Best part? These normally last a day or two after, which is just sublime for all of us who don’t wash our hair every day. Which is just plain healthy.

Holiday updo – my favorite tutorial for an at-home updo. It’s totally do-able (again with the puns, I swear I am not even trying anymore!) by yourself since we don’t all have time to go to Drydar before an event. Since everyone here is fancy and important.

How to: use hot rollers – even though this tactic is a little more old school, its perfect for a fancier event that will last all night! Party! This is also a very convenient way to get ready because while your hair is up, you can work on that make-up. Which brings me to my next set of favorite tutorials…

Another Holiday Party - Outfit
Another Holiday Party - Kelly Wynne
Another Holiday Party - Kelly Wynne Afterglow
Another Holiday Party - Outfit
Another Holiday Party - Shoes

On to make-up! My very favorite make-up tutorial vlogger is Dani Mansutti. She’s not annoying and hyper, she will make you want to be her bff, and she has a cute Australian accent. I basically want to be her. Here are the tutorials that are best for the holidays!

Everyday make-up tutorial – let us be quite honest. I don’t have time to go home after work and get cute to then go to a holiday happy hour. We all know I would get home with the purest of intentions to prepare for whatever happy hour might be happening but I would instead see my bed and my wine and suddenly be watching the 4th season of The Office and sipping Pinot Grigio. I would much rather save some time and look hella cute at work. This tutorial is amazing but, to be honest, it is a little much for my actual everyday look. Soooo, I like wearing this all day when I have an event at night then freshening up or popping on a red lip before the party.

Full coverage glam make-up tutorial – this is a great tutorial if you like a little more umpf in your holiday look. The smokey eye she does in this tutorial is my favorite and I’ll definitely be using it for, ya know, any black tie events that I have coming up. Which is a whopping one. One black tie event, since I am not a debutant. But you best believe my eyes will be smoked up.

Another Holiday Party - Outfit
Another Holiday Party - Santa Clause

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