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It’s basically September. Which means it’s basically October, which means it’s basically Halloween, which means it’s basically Thanksgiving, which means it’s basically Christmas, which means it’s basically New Year’s Eve, which means its basically 2019. Welcome to my train of thought. Because it’s not actually 2019, and we still have time (like technically, but not really), I have felt the need to utilize these last 3 months to take another look at my goals and make sure I’m tracking to them. I always like to take the first week of each quarter and make sure I’m on track for my yearly goals and create some quarterly and monthly ones to help me achieve the big ones!

Things don’t just happen. I mean, sometimes they do. But most of the time, a great new job doesn’t just land on your lap one day. You have to be searching for it and working towards it. Sometimes you’re working towards it without realizing it.

Planning is a double edged sword. You have to strike a balance between planning and working for a greater goal, and also being open minded to the fact that things change. This is why I like to do a quarterly and monthly check-in with myself. You know that old saying “when you make plans, God laughs”? It’s true, but working hard and achieving tiny wins, are never a bad thing!

It’s also important to have someone in your life you can check-in with weekly. Friend, parent, sibling, therapist or life coach even, just someone who cares about you and wants to see you grow. My boyfriend and I are currently doing long distance and one of the ways we stay connected is by emailing. Yeah we’re 80 years old and email. HATE ON US!!

We try and do this everyday but sometimes we don’t get to it. I like to email him in the morning when I have my coffee and before my day really starts. It helps focus on what’s important. We use a little template where we write down what happened to us the previous day and make plans for today. It’s like a journal that you type, and share with another person.

My favorite part about it is that all the negatives of the previous day are turned into a positive. Here’s what the template asks you to fill in:

  1. Here’s something I did yesterday that put me out of my comfort zone and made me a better person, employee, athlete, sister/brother, daughter/son, Christian, etc. (or) something I did that I know will help me succeed in the future
  2. Here’s an opportunity I missed yesterday. Something that would have helped me grow but I chickened out. Here’s why and here’s what I’ll do differently if the opportunity presents itself today
  3. This is something big or little that made me smile
  4. This piece of scripture stood out to me and here’s why

I want to share my monthly goals template with you guys (linked below). To be clear, this is a cutie doc that my v talented friend Ali Corbin (who does the cutest things) created. The one I use is on Google Drive and is way ugly. But I’ll link it through here because it’s a good place to draft your goals and then use this template for the final version 🙂  You can also copy Ali’s super cute formatting and write these out on a whiteboard (since they’re subject to change anyway)!

Use the templates below to chart your goals and start having monthly check-in’s with yourself to make sure that (a) your goals are still the same, (b) you’re  trending to succeed them, and (c) if you’re not, just do some restructuring. Be honest with yourself about what you can actually get done in a month and break it out into achievable and actionable items. Sometimes we get our sights so set on a goal that we are living in the future instead of the present. Use this goal tracker to help every day be a productive one filled with purpose. Get to work, k?!

Quarterly Check-In

Monthly Check-In

5 Year Goals


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