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I honestly hate sleeping. In fact, I am writing this post at 2:00AM… I just get so productive at night it’s insane. I have been a huge insomniac for as long as I can remember. Since I was little, I always stayed up way past my bedtime and still managed to wake up at, like 5AM. I remember my parents used to get so mad at me on the weekends when I would wake them up before 6 just ready for action. Like hello, I have awakened please entertain me. And it’s the same now – stay up late, wake up early. I just want to do stuff all day (and night) long! But I will tell you, the second I get on my Leesa mattress and under my weighted blanket, I am out like a light.

I sleep on my back and on my side. Which just means I want my bed to be soft when I am on my side and firm when I sleep on my back – high maintenance even with my sleeping positions, are you surprised? My Leesa mattress accommodates both and I love it. Another insomniac tip is to get a weighted blanket. I use this one (currently 20% off) from BlanQuil and it keeps me from tossing and turning. Example: I fell asleep eating salsa last night and found a half eaten chip on my pillow the next morning, in case you missed my Instagram story. But! The reason the chip was still on my pillow (untouched) was because I hardly move when I sleep. If you’re interested in a Leesa mattress it is on sale with the button below!

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