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I love new beginnings!  New school year, new year of life, new job, new apartment, new year! It’s always a great time to reset your values and goals. The trouble is sticking with it and taking solid steps, even if they’re baby steps, to achieving your goals. I want to share a few of my tips for staying organized and on top of your goals everyday, but especially in the new year. Here’s the guide:

Trello is an awesome organizational tool. It’s comprised of “boards” – different from Pinterest, people – that are then sectioned into lists, then in the lists you can put the actual tasks you need to complete. And! You can put a cute picture in the background and have all sorts of color coding on the tasks. It’s a type A personality’s dream! I used Trello in the past in a work setting where we used one board and shared it. Different tasks are assigned to different people – similar to google docs except pretty and organized. Also, it’s free! (Side note: Trello should sponsor me for all the love I’m throwing at them.)

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I have a board for work, my blog, and life to-do! I started a new board for 2018! Here are the titles of the lists that I have going so far. And to help you start brainstorming I’ll show some tasks or “to-do”s in each bucket/list.

  1. Health and Happiness – Some of my personal goals for 2018 are:Yoga workshop, wine tasting, join a bible study, join a book club, take cooking classes, take a crafts class
  2. Professional growth – These honestly only apply to my job but you’ll get the picture. Manage my own partners, manage an event, orchestrate awards program
  3. Travel – Here are some of the places I want to visit next year: Six Flags, Grand Canyon, Ole Miss Home Game, Jackson Hole, road trip to Marfa and Big Bend
  4. Financial goals – These may seem a little boring if your not an investment banker but they are still something you have to do! Set up 401k contributions, save and be in good shape to buy a new car in 2019, start using Mint and be stricter on budgeting (this should be it’s own blog post. I’ll report back when I figure out how to budget myself).
  5. Personal goals – This is technically where I put my blog goals, but whatever side hustle you have going on or passions you have, put some goals next to it! I’ll share my blog plans so y’all can get a feel for what’s coming! Subscribe button, email templates, adding recipes and cooking, and sectioning out blog posts.
This tactic is great since it is accessible anywhere and anytime. I can look back later in the year and say, hi hello – I have done nothing, let us look at my tasks so I don’t accidentally become a slacker again! But… If you like having things written down, which I do as well, COMMIT30 is an amazing daily planner that is focused on achieving your goals for the year. The woman who started it has an amazing story. I legit just bought 7 of them for my family and friends. To get a better look at how to use them and all of their cool pages focused on crushing your goals, check out their Instagram.
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