Pumpkin Picking
I would like to start out by saying that you can find me in the sweater dress until 2018. Which, by the way is like two seconds from right now. Because since it’s Halloween (eek!), that means it’s actually Thanksgiving which means it’s Christmas which means it’s New Years which means it’s 2018. That’s how time works. Incase you didn’t know. So go ahead Kate (mean girl from Lizzy McGuire) call me an outfit repeater!!!!
I’ll be in this dress forever for a multitude of reason which are obvious but I will explain anyway. First, lets talk about global warming. Fact: Fall is Summer. At least in Austin, TX that’s what it feels like (with the exception of this fabulous cold front we’re having!). Another fact: this dress has slits. And I won’t spend too much time on unveiling the importance of having a slit in your maxi sweater dress because it is obvious the versatility of a day-to-night transition – but I would argue the fact that you won’t be wrapped up like a hot potato all “Fall” and, dare I say, “Winter” (in quotations because these things are actually mythical ideations… unless you happen to live in a place that has seasons. Which sounds magical by the way). So yes, the number one thing I like best about this sweater dress is the slits because they are versatile and also functional because of the breeze they will provide on your legs. This is called functional fashion. LOOK IT UP. Update: I just looked it up and it’s not at all what I was talking about. Lots of workout clothes. Which are great I guess. But off topic. Someone call the internet and tell them my version is better.
Over the next week or so I will be showing you three different looks using the same dress. This is new and exciting and has never been done before. Brand new theory: when you accessorize the outfit changes. Newer theory: people don’t wear clothes just once. What? Yes. I know that you are probably fancy and important and have never done this. But here is a surprise, Lizzy McGuire is not the only outfit repeater in the universe.
Side note: this post is proof that I am motivated by deadlines. It is literally Halloween and I took these pictures two days ago which means I have had a pumpkin for two days. Pumpkin patches are way cuter the first day of October – better luck next year @ me. One more thing: I accidentally first typed in Pimpkin Patch and now I want to be a pimp-kin for Halloween.
Sweater Dress With Slits
Pumpkin Patch Austin Texas
Pumpkin Patch
Outfit Repeater Grace McClure
Halloween Austin TX
Outfit Repeater Gracie McClure

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