OV Tennis is out of this world (!!!) and #DoingThings is the best kind of workout because it means doing the workout that’s right for you. This is mainly why I choose not to blog about workouts. Checkout my favorite pieces from Outdoor Voices and read more on why I don’t blog about working out!

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ov tennis

ov tennis gracie mcclure

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I get the request to post about workouts all the time so I want to explain why I don’t… Truth is, I am the last person you want to give workout tutorials.

Ask me about what skincare products to use in the summer and remedies for covering up zits all day long and I will be an open book. But ask me about working out and I’m quieter than Kim Jong Un when Trump asked for a picture that made them look like slim, handsome men.  

I have always subscribed to the idea that exercise should be fun. I love Outdoor Voices’ motto of “doing things” because it can mean anything. Just going outside and moving, walking your dog (or carrying your dog around in workout clothes. Which, yes, is a thing for me), taking a dance class, walking around town lake with some friends, etcetera.

You have to do workouts that work for you. I have learned through trial and error, that I am a competitive person but only when other people are around. I can’t workout by myself because there is no game in that. I go to an intense gym and take classes that push me because everyone around me is way older than me and in way better shape than I am. And if that doesn’t push me I don’t know what would. I also know that by the end of the day I can’t expect myself to workout. My job takes it out of me and I am so excited to go home and see Bear and get some fresh air by taking him on a walk. Therefore, morning workouts are a must for me. That’s when I get my hard core workout in and then a leisurely stroll with Bear is my #DoingThings exercise in the afternoon.

I have also learned that muscles grow in the kitchen. I try and eat as healthy as possible and make a smoothie bowl as a meal replacement a few times a week. This isn’t an intense juice cleanse, crash diet type of a habit. Promise! I use lots of protein powder and collagen peptides (great for beauty and your gut!) so it is as healthy as possible! I’ll share my recipe soon but here are a few good ones to get you started.

If you workout before typical breakfast time like me, i.e. 5 a.m., it’s hard to have a hearty breakfast before you workout even though we all know it will help get the most out of the workout. I used to really struggle with this. MoveButter is this really cool company that makes deliciously healthy snacks. My favorite product from them is called Moon Blocks – basically granola bar bites but better. I have a few bites of the Energy Blocks to start my day and wake me up. Another good one is ‘Rise’ which has literal coffee in it. If you want to try these our make sure you enter the code ‘GRACM71′ for 10% off

You have to have grace with yourself (PUN!) because you aren’t going to workout every time you say you’re going to. Just remember you’ll never regret working out. If you’re anything like me, during the workout you’ll be like, “This is the worst. I am a weak human being. What even is a body because I don’t feel mine anymore.” And then after you’ll be like, “I am a greek goddess of power and no man shall cross me.” – My exact train of thought when exercising.

In short, I am nowhere near qualified to give workout suggestions. All I can say is watch what you eat, eat “unhealthy” things all you want but in moderation (@creamy_jalapeno_from_Chuy’s), find a workout that motivates you and makes you feel like a greek goddess.

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Go start #doingthings. Move your body, clear your mind and get those endorphins going. Like my girl Elle Woods says … endorphins make you happy, you know the rest.