Star Hoop Earrings Gracie McClure
Converse and Jeans
Rag and bone jeans gracie mcclure
Star Hoop Earrings Gracie McClure
Leith Sweater Black Ray Ban Aviators
Leith Sweater rag and bone jeans

The holidays are almost over. Time to put on a cozy sweater and make exchanges at Nordstrom for the stuff you actually wanted – oh and get your house back in order. That last one is cute because I said “back”. Like my house was ever “in order”.  But it’s about to be a new year so maybe I’ll change…? In this post-holiday season, it’s easy to feel a lull. Christmas is so exciting but when it’s done it’s kind of sad because the whole holiday vibe is over! All of a sudden I’m done looking at my mini apartment-sized Christmas tree with it’s three ornaments and sick of my wreath and cleaning up all it’s dead pine needles.

I am trying to remind myself to put in the work and set the stage in the New Year for new opportunities and new productivity! I’m doing things like re-organizing my closet and decorating my new apartment so I feel refreshed, planning my 2018 so I can keep focused, starting light workouts so my New Year goals will be easily achievable, and putting in the hours at work so I can finish the year strong. I also plan on laying around – like a lot. Let’s be honest, the holidays are exhausting. I am trying to do my best by splitting my time between vegging all week and gently ramping up production. It’s a balancing act. Getting some well needed rest is so necessary but sometimes when I do that too often (that, meaning, sleep -ha) I feel like I get stuck in this hazy sleep land where nothing gets done. But running a few errands and setting time in my day for lounging – because God forbid something not be scheduled on the calendar – keeps me productive yet well rested.

To keep with this half-productive, half-lazy mindset: this outfit, and several variations of it, has been by uniform since the day after Christmas. Not lazy enough to be yoga pants, not cute enough to be uncomfortable. *New style trend emerging*It’s post-holiday comfort and I wear it all too often.

Gracie McClure Smile
Leith Sweater Gracie McClure
Two Toned Jeans Gracie McClure

I got these jeans from Nordstrom during Black Friday and they sold out within hours! But I found two crazy similar options below (both less than I paid on Black Friday)! Lastly, this sweater I can’t live without and am tempted to buy three more in different colors.

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