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You know when you wake up some days and you just decide it’s going to be a terrible day? That happened to me yesterday. Bear was being a giant pain and to be honest I was also a tad (no a lot) hungover. It was like mercury was in retrograde – but it wasn’t. So I wasn’t exactly a joy to be around and had zero patience for any of Bear’s BS. And THEN – this will sound totally bratty I realize – I thought he was chewing on one of his little bones but it turns out that he got a hold of my Louis Vuitton wallet that I got in Paris. I’m a giant brat for complaining about that because I am lucky to have even ever gone to Paris or own a Louis Vuitton… What’s that quote about lost love? Don’t be sad its gone, be happy it ever happened. Not to be dramatic, but thats me rn. Also, it was the only thing I got on this vacation to Paris with my family and I felt really cool buying it (even though it was the cheapest thing in the store) and now it has been reduced to a chew toy much like my soul. Plus I felt like everyone was picking on me that day. All my friends are in Oxford having so much fun. And I am totally kidding when I say that people aren’t allowed to have fun without me but I do get serious FOMO. I also have such anxiety about good old friends talking bad about me. I have had a lot of girlfriends in the past be so sweet and genuine to me in person and then talk mad ish the next second. So I just get really paranoid that when people are hanging out without me they aren’t saying nice things or just not missing me. And I end up hurting my own feelings. And then I read this DM from a long time ago that I just never read from a random girl who I don’t even follow saying that I’m conceited. She meant to send it to her friend and accidentally sent it to me. So I just felt kinda worthless and like people didn’t exactly understand me. I had to realize that I signed up to be under a microscope and I’d be lying if I told you I hadn’t said something similar about someone behind there back. I was also just plain and simple in the worst mood even and dropping my pen on the ground would’ve made me feel like my life was in shambles. Does anyone else have those days? Where the smallest things are dramatized and you’re so crazy sensitive about stuff? Is this a symptom of a hangover? Lmk. 

Some other days, you wake up and you just decide it is going to be the best say. Like today. Despite the fact that I got a terrible night’s sleep and went to bed at 2am then Bear woke me up at 7:00 (30 min before my alarm went off which is so rude)…  I was like that’s fine I just get to have more time to be productive this morning. (It helps that it’s Sunday.) I started my day enjoying the simple things and had it in my head that it was going to be a good day. I sat out on my balcony with Bear (he has a little potty pad situation where he can do his business and chill with me outside). I made myself a cup of coffee while I sat on the porch with my wild animal and checked my phone. I got to see the end of the sunrise and get some fresh air. I try to do this during the week and it always turns my day around. Then, I got cute for the day. I don’t have any reservations saying that getting cute helps me be positive. It doesn’t make you shallow or conceded if you like the way it makes you feel being put together. It doesn’t mean that your confidence should come from how you look. But for me, I feel like I have my life together when I look like the best version of myself. How to have the best normal, average, regular day ever, is enjoy the simple things. Let getting ready and wearing cute clothes you love.

I’ve been loving wearing sets lately because they aren’t anything I can wear to work and it makes me feel like I am in college again – lol. This little set from Free People is my favvvv because it’s super flowy and casual but I feel so put together. You basically evolve into a sunchild when you put this thing on. Or any set for that matter. It’s like all of a sudden I don’t have a job and I live on the beach in a tiny white shack. (P.s. I really do want a little shack. I legit have a pinterest board dedicated to it.) Below are some more happy little sets that are currently on my wishlist. I divided them into two sections, one for you college girls that have all the riches of the world and the next section is for the rest of us who have to pay rent and bills and wish we didn’t have to be financially independent and could treat cash like monopoly money again… Sometimes I still do tbh. Happy set shopping and sunshine soaking and be sure to enjoy the simple things.

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