Spring edit under 50

I’ve highlighted a few of my favorite items for Spring already, but something I am trying to get better at is saving that moolah. To be honest, I’m a quality over quantity kind of person. I would rather have a few nice things and live in a little airstream with, like, 2 ballgowns as my wardrobe than have a walk in closet. You know… that simple life? Jk – but when it comes to shopping I have a hard time because I know that the items I want are marked up because it is attached to a brand. Ah corporate American fashion industry, I am a slave to you. While that will likely never change, I am going to try to be better at recognizing that clothes can be quality without being over $100. Or, actually, for this post’s sake, under $50. Welcome to the Spring closet update under $50.

Scroll down and toggle through my favorite dresses, tops, and (we would be lost in Spring without them) sets!

spring edit under 50
spring gracie mcclure
gracie mcclure clothes

Dresses and Rompers Under $50

gracie mcclure gingham
gracie spring clothes

Tops Under $50

gracie mcclure spring clothes

Sets Under $50

spring under 50
gracie in gingham

I am so annoyed because the top I am wearing is sold out online and I can’t find it anywhere. I got it from Nordstrom so feel free to look around in stores for it (if you’re obsessed) because thats where I bought it! As an alternative, I’ve attached some other super cute gingham tops!

Also – before you yell at me – I know that pretty much everything else I am wearing besides this top is over $50… Baby steps people.

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