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If you follow me on Instagram you know that skincare is my favorite topic. You also know I am a sucker for good packaging (looking at you, Glossier). If there is one thing I need to do more of, its sun protection. For all the products I use to prevent against aging, blemishes, and dark spots – I don’t have nearly enough sun protecting products. As Spring Break ends and talk of summertime starts to roll in, I thought highlight my favorite protective skincare that I am really excited to use this year!

For protecting everyday:

Glossier Invisible Shield – I always start out my makeup routine with this sunscreen. It is the most truly invisible screen I have ever worn. Here are all the pros: doesn’t sting already burned skin, doesn’t dry out my skin, isn’t greasy or slimey, can be worn right under makeup or even mixed in with your foundation, and, obviously, protects against UV rays with SPF 35.

Supergoop Invisible Setting Powder – Even though you’re taking the proper steps by putting SPF on you face before makeup, it may not be enough. SPF wears off throughout the day, your skin literally uses up the SPF so reapplying sunscreen is crucial. Make sure you use the Supergoop Invisible Setting Powder. If you’re wearing makeup, you don’t want to put a liquid on top of your powder so instead, reapply your sunscreen via powder. I use this when I am going on a walk after work or doing any outdoor activity after my day in the office.

Supergoop Forever Young Hand Cream – Do you ever notice your forearms getting tan just driving to work? UV rays are strong enough to go through your car or office window. I’ve heard so many times that the quickest thing to age is your hands and the sun plays a major role in aging the skin. This hand cream can stay in your car so you remember to prevent your hands from aging while you drive.

For protecting + tanning at the beach:

Supergoop Perfect Day 2-in-1 – This sunscreen lasts longer than the norm. Supergoop says the waterproof + SPF 50 combo lasts up to 80 minutes. I use this stuff on my face and chest before I go into the sun. I go through great lengths to protect the skin on my face but the chest is even more important. The skin right on your sternum and upper side of your lungs have little fat on them and therefore are more likely to burn rather than tan. Have you ever noticed that your belly and your upper thighs get tannest the fastest? That’s because (event if you’re a skinny mini) your body stores more fat there which means the pigmentation allows it to tan rather than burn.. Putting a higher SPF on your face and chest (and sometimes shoulders too) is a good precaution to take for the first few days on the beach just so they can work up a base tan! I love the smell of this sunscreen, the SPF level, and the fact that its 2-in-1. The lid is actually a little lip conditioner compact. As a kid my lips would ALWAYS get burned! This lip conditioner has a mint flavor and is very cooling.

Beauty Counter Protecting All Over Sunscreen – I save the SPF 50 for my face and use the 30 on my body. I love this product because I know it is made with safe ingredients. For lotion these days, I’ve only been using Beauty Counter. That’s because the skin is the largest organ of the body and there’s just something about lathering up every square inch of your skin with harmful ingredients found in most drugstore moisturizers or sunscreens. I am not as good as I should be about making sure every product is great for me, but this is where I start – the lotion. I start here because I think it will make the biggest difference and it’s the easiest swap. Switching out your one or two lotions/sunscreens to this or this will make a huge difference. It’s also easy because they smell amazing, are high performing products, and my skin drinks up the moisture!

Beauty Counter Body Oil in Citrus Rosemary – I know tanning is bad for you and I know the statement: “protect your skin while you tan” is kind of an oxymoron. But to be honest, I love being tan. I don’t tan for hours or use tanning beds but I just love laying in the sun. It’s such a happy thing for me. I love tan lines, and a big glass of water, watching the waves coming in and literally feeling my skin get darker. It’s amazing. It’s also cancerous… If you tan like I do, you should take the proper precautions by putting that All Over Sunscreen from Beauty Counter on first. Then, to get nice and glowy, I put on a light layer of the Citrus Rosemary oil. It gets me so nice and dark and just like my body sunscreen, it’s made with safe ingredients. I use this product instead of a tanning oil because of its versatility. When my skin is super dry, I apply this oil to damp skin right after the shower, then I pat to dry and my skin is crazy soft. If that’s not your thing, you can also mix in this oil with your moisturizer. Similar to how I mix my serums and face oils with my night cream – you can cocktail any body treatment with oil for added moisture.  

After a day in the sun:

Beauty Counter Hydrating Body Lotion in Citrus Mimosa – After a day in the sun, my routine normally starts with taking a cold shower to cool down my body. P.S. this is my favorite thing in the world: Spending all day at the beach then taking a shower bc shower light always makes you look so much tanner than you really are and then you get all clean after being salty all day and put on clean PJ’s. Ugh. The best. Anyway, before all that goes down, apply lotion!! Your skin is going to be so thirsty after a day in the sun so apply this body lotion or this body butter for an even deeper moisturizer.

Beauty Counter Glow Shimmer Oil – You may not be just showering and getting in your PJ’s every night – even though it’s the best. If you’re getting ready to go out, I suggest using this shimmer lotion on your shins and shoulders after you apply lotion. It gives your skin a healthy shimmer. Be sure to let the oil set for 10 or so minutes before you put on clothes – it won’t stain them, I just hate when the glitter goes everywhere. That being said – a little goes a long way! I only dab on a few drops, pat my hands together and pat onto my shoulders and shins, then wash hands!!

Countermatch Intense Moisture Serum – Last but not least, the face. I keep with my normal routine when I’m at the beach but normally add this serum. It has hyaluronic acid which helps give just the right amount of moisture and heals the look and feel of skin. This serum also has vitamin C and E to provide antioxidant protection. I put it on in the morning right after I wash my face and at night before I go to bed!


Hope you enjoyed this round up of my favorite summer skincare products!

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