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The Tan Can
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I know this is confusing because I am literally basking in the sun in every picture but stay with me here: my tan is not from the sun. The Tan Can is my favorite line of sunless tanner because its made with natural ingredients and has amazing products to help increase the longevity of the tan. Here are some of my favorites:

  • The Body Butter – This is a super moisturizing, aloe-based butter that I use all over the body after I shower. It has Hyaluronic Acid which is nicknamed the fountain of youth (which like. Sign me up) because of its ability to lock in the skins natural moisture.
  • The Body Wash –  I use this body wash to make sure my tan stays as long as possible. I also use it as a gel to shave my legs (follow with body butter for skillllllky skin). The creamy, foaming body wash is super gentle so it doesn’t ruin by tan but it is effective. And it smells freaking amazing.
  • Bikini Attitude Sunless Tanner – This lotion tans my skin throughout the day while I am sitting in my office. For real. I use the body butter at night after I shower, and then in the morning I put Bikini Attitude all over. Make sure you wash your hands after because this stuff works so well that by the end of the day you’ll have tan hands – so everyone will know your secret. Not that that happened to me. Ya know? Just like. It could. (Jk it did and my co-workers thought I was crazy).

P.S. For the next two weeks you can get Tan Can products 15% off with the code GRACIE15. Shop all my favorites here. 

enchanted rock gracie mcclure
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Enchanted Rock Grace Mcclure
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The Tan Can Gracie McClure
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