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January is fun because it’s definitely not Spring yet but it’s also barely Winter and it’s more on-again-off-again than Rachel and Ross. I call it Swinter since it’s currently both Spring and Winter. Note: when I say Spring I am joking because obviously we only have Summer and NOT Summer. Basically we’re all wearing cut-offs and a sweaters with a puffer jacket stashed in the backseat of our car just incase the winds change. And nothing makes me as angry I was when Ross came back from Korea with Julie than putting on a giant puffer jacket with my cute blue jean shorts. My body is confused and I look ridiculous. And tbh, we look ridiculous in Swinter.
I am saying “we” for a reason. Confession: I used to wear Uggs and Nike shorts with a T-shirt in high school. You’re allowed to unfollow me because of that. But it was understandable because it’s Texas and I was like, 16. And since Central Texas has the weirdest weather, we basically don’t know what to wear anymore … and we don’t even care because it’s exhausting checking the weather app every 4 hours (especially when you know its more wrong than Ross saying they were “on a break”).  That past sentence is precisely how my brain thinks, by the way. I can’t keep up with myself.

Anyway, back to me fixing all your problems… I love this chunky sweater dress with bright, Spring colors. It is the perfect Swinter dress – warm, cozy, bright, and “Springy.” It’s more on point than Phoebe’s lobster impression. Another plus – this doesn’t look ridiculous with a parka like my shorts… I always get my sweater dresses a size too big so they are nice and slouchy. I like to wear them around the house with a sports bra under, makes me feel fancy. This is a size small. I normally wear an XS which means this is supposed to fit baggy. Word to the wise, get your true size unless you like it baggy like me! Happy Swinter! Stay warm….  or hot…. whatever. (P.S. The new Bachelor looks exactly like David Schwimmer, aka Ross. It’s frightening.)

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