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Gracie McClure Tan Can
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My favorite confidence booster – a good tan. (But hello hi, its Winter. So good luck with that.) There is also something about this time of year that makes me feel a little blah and sluggish – maybe its all the candy and eating and drinking. (Probably not though.) Sometimes at this time of the year we are so excited about having a fresh start that our current state of mind is… meh. Grabbing a new mascara, getting your hair or nails done, even getting a massage of facial – these little self-care tasks help me feel refreshed and ready to take on the holidays. But my favorite, and sure-fix-confidence-booster, is a niiiiiiice tan in December.

My friend (and cutest human ever) started getting tanned using this amazing solution – Tan Can. They also make amazing products like body scrub that is made of apricot seeds instead of micro-beads to reduce pollution of the waterways. They source all their ingredients here in Texas and production is carried out in the US of A, baby. They are all about creating a sustainable future and a sustainable tan for present day… Speaking as a former tan addict, SEC Pom Squad dancer (they forced the spray tans, weekly!), and child of a father with a sun cancer history, Tan Can is the best option for a healthy glow without streaks and without harmful rays getting in the way of a healthy lifestyle. Also, can we talk about the fact that the sun gives you wrinkles. I’m not into that.

My LEAST favorite thing about spray tans are how sticky and weird feel are after getting one. In college when I danced, I had a special blanket I would put on my bed – the tan quilt. It was so gross and all stained up with post-spray-tan-run-off. The worst. But Tan Can actually has a great solution to this problem. After they HAND ROLL and blend the solution in with a make up brush to get every detail right (like that weird inside part of your forearm that never sees sunlight somehow) they then feather dust a powder all over the body to soak up the stickiness. It doesn’t stain your clothes, or even really come off. And the powder smells like angels. Fo real! I am trying all of their products soon. But Trish Huddelson, the creator of Tan Can, has been working on the formula for 10 years and is continuing to come out with amazing products to keep your tan lasting longer at home.

Need a tan? If you are in the Austin area and would like to get a hand blended tan with Tan Can solution, contact Camille of I’m A Lady Like That by Direct Messaging her on Instagram.

Gracie McClure Tan Can
Tan Sweater Dress Fake Tan
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