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Bear and I went to Mozart’s on the lake in Austin – one of my favorites – and could not get anything done because apparently people enjoy petting and holding golden retriever puppies…? Whenever people are like “I’m sorry can I pet your dog” I’m like why are you apologizing, we are the same kind of person. I’m not trying to be dramatic or anything but if you don’t think Bear is cute, you are a serial killer. So I am all good with nice people coming up to pet my dog and hold him. People try to take secretive pictures of him and I’m like NO take a better one and then tag him because we need to get him featured on a doggy insta! I’m a crazy momager. I know it.

However! As much as I love nice people who love cute dogs… I did want to work on some stuff and was unable to because we were all a little distracted by this fluffy cloud of a dog. And then I had to make a big scene by taking these pictures so that didn’t help.

But you have to do what you have to do. So let’s talk about this hoodie, eh? So, it’s technically a men’s sweater which makes it 100 times better considering men’s shirts are the best. I wish I could walk around in men’s loungewear all day. (Did I just announce that to the internet? Yes.) This hoodie is such a perfect beach layer – super light, cozy, and has some fun, discreet, summer colors. It’s also crazy soft, machine washable, and my terrible washing machine hasn’t even ruined its softness! I will 100% be using this sucka as a beach coverup and can’t wait to take it to the Island with me! You can find this dreamy thing at by clicking here for 25% off!!

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Summer hoodie gracie mcclure
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