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I have an embarrassing amount of Wildfox beach jumpers (aka… sweatshirts that I’m obsessed with) in my closet. There’s actually a drawer dedicated to them and I will never get rid of them because they stay cozy forever!!! I only work with brands I am truly obsessed with. I never want to partner with a brand “just because”. All of my partnerships with brands have been built off of years of loving and trusting their products.

So, today I have the honor of partnering with WILDFOX, a true favorite of my lifetime, located in Austin at the Domain NORTHSIDE and we are bringing you exciting news not just for Austin girls!

First!  The Discount. If you show that you follow @wildfoxboutique and @gracie_mcclure at checkout, you’ll receive a friendly 15% off. Don’t live in Austin? That’s okay! (No really it’s fine, please don’t move here, we’re bursting at the seams.) You can still get a discount available only in stores. WILDFOX stores will ship to you. Give them a call (512-666-5117) and tell them the last post @wildfoxboutique and @gracie_mcclure made and call out the “Gracie Discount!” then they’ll ship your order right to you at 15% off!

Next up: A Giveaway. The prize: you and your bestie will win a Beach Baggy Jumper. Here’s how to enter:

  1. Go tag your bestie on this picture
  2. Be sure you are following @wildfoxboutique and @gracie_mcclure on Instagram
  3. Wait patiently for a random winner to be chosen at the end of the week!

Last: A Party! WILDFOX is hosting a SXSW party on March 15th at POP Bar in Austin from 9:00 PM to 1:00 AM. There will be an open bar on a first come first serve basis for RSVP’d partiers and SXSW badge-holders. View all the details and RSVP with the link below!

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